Why you should use 240v LED down lights, 12v myth explained

Myth: 12V uses less electricity?

Many people believe that 12 volt lights use less electricity than 220 volt or 240 volt bulbs. However this is not true as the power consumption of light bulbs is measured in the amount of wattage it uses. a standard halogen down light will use 50 watts of electricity whereas a 6W LED replacement will use only 6 watts regardless if they are 240v or 12v lamps.


Did you know that the transformer used in 12V also uses electricity?

A standard 12V 50w halogen down light bulb uses close to the same energy as a standard 60W incandescent bulb when the transformer losses are included. This means that the transformer alone uses more electricity than the whole of the LED down light.


LED Downlight 6W

LED Downlight 6W


LED Downlight 6W verticalLED Bulbs with boxes




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