LED Strip Light Ultra Bright 5m DIY Kit Delivery Included

R990.00 R590.00

LED strip light Ultra Bright 5m DIY pack, delivery included.

2year warranty



LED Strip Light Ultra Bright DIY Kit Delivery Included

SMD LED 5050

60 LEDs per meter
Total Length: 5m

Transformer: 100-240v to 12V Power Supply 60W 5Amps

Total Wattage: 14.4w/meter
Input Voltage: 12V
Color temperature: 3000K Warm White

Splash proof LED strips
Lumen: 1000lm/meter

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LED energy usage comparison

LED energy usage comparison

Saving and Repayment Period for 5W LED bulb

5W LED 50W Halogen 15W Florescent 60W Incandescent
6 Hours per day (KWH) 0,03 Kwh 0,3 Kwh 0,09 Kwh 0,36 Kwh
365 days per year (KWH) 10,95 Kwh 109,5 Kwh 32,85 Kwh 131,4 Kwh
Annual Running Cost @ Cost R1.48 per Kwh R16,21 R162,06 R48,62 R194,47
20 lights per home R324,12 R3 241,20 R972,36 R3 889,44
Saving Per year R2 917,08 R648,24 R3 565,32
Cost per 20X5W LED R980,00
Repayment Period 4,03 Months 18,14 Months 3,30 Months
Total Cost Comparison Over 3 Years
Energy cost over 3 years R972,36 R9 723,60 R2 917,08 R11 668,32
Total Cost R1 952,36 R10 223,60 R3 317,08 R11 868,32
Saving for over 3 years R8 271,24 R1 364,72 R9 915,96

*Note: all calculations are made in good faith and based on current information. However these info may be subject to change. HomePoint cannot be held liable for any error. The “Savings Comparison table and chart” should only be used as a guide.

LED vs CFL light bulbs


Benefits of LED Lighting

The benefits of LED Lighting are endless. LED Lights are energy efficient, cost effective, durable and more. They are the latest technology in lighting and offer a great alternative in replacing your current halogen or standard lights. Below is a detailed list of some of the many benefits of LED Lighting.

Energy Efficient

A standard 50W halogen lamp turns 90% of electricity used into heat with only 10% into light. The benefit of LED Lights are that they use only 15% of the energy a standard halogen uses, provide up to 85% of the light output and create less heat making them so cool to touch. This makes LED Lights not only energy efficient but extremely cost effective as air conditioning use can be lowered. Some LED Lights can be operated by mains power, but when used with a Low Voltage LED Driver, LED Lights will produce more light output per watt.

Long Life Span

LED Lights have the benefit of a super long life span of up to 80,000 hours which means you can cut maintainance costs as the lamps last up to 8-10 times longer than standard halogen lamps making them an ideal replacement.

Improved Durability

LED’s have no filaments so can withstand a greater intensity of vibration and shock than stardard lights making them durable with less risk of breaking and need to replace.

Compact Size

LED Light bulbs can be as small as 2mm making them ideal for fitting into hard to reach and compact areas.

Fast Switching

LED Lights will start at full brightness, instantly, every time, therefore there is no need for backup lighting. LED Lights are a benefit because they switch on and off instantly making them ideal for flashing signs, traffic signaling and automotive lights, compared to standard compact fluorescent lights, which fade in and out or flicker.


Most LED lights operate at low voltage so are cool to touch and much safer to handle during installation and maintenance and can be exposed to rain and snow.

Environmentally Friendly

The benefit of LED Lights is that they are an eco-friendly form of lighting as they do not contain mercury or other harmful gasses or emit any harmful UV rays. For example, a 13w LED light emits 68% less CO2 than a standard 40w incandescent bulb running 10 hours per day.



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